1. Unique blend comprising of herbal oils and extracts
        2. A phyto – derived specialized formulation of herbal oils and extracts
        3. Antibiotic Alternative Therapy (AAT)
        4. Balances gut micro environment and restores eubiosis
        5. Stimulates production of digestive enzymes, vitamins and growth factors
        6. Reduces viscosity of gut ingesta
        7. Improves intestinal health and overall well-being
        8. 100% natural
        1. Reduces non-specific diarrhoea, litter moisture and ammonia
        2. Improves faeces consistency
        3. Balances gut microenvironment
        4. Extra protection during stressful period
        5. High return on investment (ROI)
        1. Poor intestinal integrity, GI infections
        2. Antibiotic Alternative Therapy(AAT)
        3. Prevention and control of NE, Coccidiosis
        4. To improve FCR, egg quality and production.
        1. Prevention: 1 mL in 4-6 L of water
        2. Enteritis: 1 mL in 3 L of water
        3. Coccidiosis: 1 mL in 2-3 L of water

250 mL, 1L & 5L containers.