Hepatotox-ES Powder contains:
A complementary combination of nutraceuticals and herbs to protect and strengthen liver cells.
Tricholine citrate, Inositol, Citric acid, Potassium chloride,Lysine, DL-Methionine, Vitamin B12 ,Vitamin E, Selenium,Biotin, Zinc sulphate, Extracts (Yeast, Liver, Andrographispaniculata, Eclipta alba, Tephrosiapurpurea, Boerhaaviadiffusa, Phyllanthus niruri), Methyl donors, MOS andBentonite powder as base.
        1. Complementary combination delivers synergistic results.
        2. Economical in spite of being so potent.
        3. Additional toxin binding action (in powder)
        4. Toxin neutralizing action (in powder & liquid)
        1. To prevent and control liver damage and fatty liver syndrome
        2. Infections like – Toxicity, IBH etc.
        3. Better feed digestibility, FCR and Growth.

        1. Hepatotox-ES Powder: 10 and 20 kg
        2. Hepatotox-ES Oral Liquid: 1 and 5 L