1. Rescura-R has broad spectrum of activity.
        2. Rescura-R is ideal for controlling CRD.
        3. Rescura-R is safe antimicrobial solution.
        4. Levofloxacin in Rescura-R is highly bioavailable (99 -100%) as compared to contemporary molecules .
        5. Rescura-R is very effective even when used once a day.
        6. Rescura-R is the pioneer in liquid levofloxacin solution for poultry in India.
        7. The stability, activity and delivery has been proven over the past 10 years.
        1. Omphalitis
        2. ECM
        3. Mycoplasma
        4. Gram +ve bacteria
        5. Gram-ve bacteria
        6. Complicated disease like CCRD etc.
        7. Non-specific and secondary bacterial infections during viral diseases.
        1. Chicks: 15 to 25 mL per thousand chicks
        2. Broiler: 1mL for 5-7 kg of b/w
        3. Layer and breeders: 1 mL for 7-10 kg of b/w

200mL, 500mL, 1 L and 5L